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Problem using Photosynth in Firefox?


I’ve been playing with Photosynth since the first demo was available on the web; it’s a very cool visualisation project from Microsoft Live Labs (info here) and it’s recently gone ‘live’.

It also works under Firefox which is great as I’m a keen FF user, but since the recent updates I’ve not been able to use it under FF, it kept looping round and asking me to install the plug-in.

I also noted that the version I downloaded earlier in the week was 0.2Mb smaller than the build I downloaded today, so assume there have been some bugfixes or a bad build.


After some fiddling, this turned out to be because I had an older version of the plug-in which must have had some problem, I had to disable the older version and it then ran fine, steps to do so are below;


And choose to disable the older version of the plug-in ( leaving 1.1.10683 enabled.


Then try again, no restart required (in my case anyway) and it works perfectly


Hope that helps someone else.

One response to “Problem using Photosynth in Firefox?

  1. R. November 24, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    This helped, thanks a lot.

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