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Problem using Photosynth in Firefox?


I’ve been playing with Photosynth since the first demo was available on the web; it’s a very cool visualisation project from Microsoft Live Labs (info here) and it’s recently gone ‘live’.

It also works under Firefox which is great as I’m a keen FF user, but since the recent updates I’ve not been able to use it under FF, it kept looping round and asking me to install the plug-in.

I also noted that the version I downloaded earlier in the week was 0.2Mb smaller than the build I downloaded today, so assume there have been some bugfixes or a bad build.


After some fiddling, this turned out to be because I had an older version of the plug-in which must have had some problem, I had to disable the older version and it then ran fine, steps to do so are below;


And choose to disable the older version of the plug-in ( leaving 1.1.10683 enabled.


Then try again, no restart required (in my case anyway) and it works perfectly


Hope that helps someone else.

Opening a URL in Internet Explorer when Firefox is your default Web Browser


I use Firefox for 99% of my Internet activities, however there are still some web sites and applications that won’t work fully (or at all) within Firefox.

Normally I use the IETab extension to render particular tabs within Firefox using the IE render engine.. this allows all my browsing to stay within one tabbed Window and is easy to use.

However we have an SSL based VPN for corporate access and I occasionally directly access some HP iLO’s Neither work well with Firefox; I like to spawn them both in a separate IE window to keep them separate from my normal browsing.

If I create a shortcut to these URLs from the desktop etc the default URL handler is Firefox.

So a quick cheat is to create a shortcut to IE then adjust the shortcut properties (right click, properties) and append the URL you want to open in IE under the ‘target’ entry.


Firefox Download Window Stops Working


I’ve had this problem for the last week where if you try to download a file in firefox the download status window doesn’t display although the file actually downloads.

you can fix this by going to %appdata%MozillaFirefoxProfiles and deleting the downloads.rdf file.

Split Screen Browsing with Firefox


My home office setup has a 20″ widescreen Dell TFT which I use with my laptop an elevated docking station – my laptop has a rather low screen resolution as it’s quite small so this is a great dual monitor setup. The widescreen is handy for keeping a web browser open for referring to online documentation or and working on documents or large Visio diagrams.

The only gripe is that a lot of web pages (like the BBC) waste a lot of the widescreen real-estate as they format (or don’t re-format) for different screen resolutions.

The Split Browser Plugin for Firefox (my favourite browser) that allows you to essentially have multiple browser sessions and sub-tabs in one full-screen Window.

it has load of options – if the screen layout gets a bit confusing you can bring all the split pages back to one window with multiple tabs and vice-versa.



The (also useful) IETab plug in means some of those sub-pages can also be rendered using IE – but all within Firefox.

Firefox has such a good community of developers and I have always been able to find a plug-in that does exactly the odd-feature I “need”.