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vSphere RDP Client Plugin

Another handy utility from Xtravirt – it adds a shortcut to the right-click context menu in the vSphere client to launch an RDP session to that particular VM.

Very useful, of course you’ll need to ensure your admin workstation can get to port 3389/TCP (RDP) on that particular VM, but I find this very useful.


You can download it here (basic registration required)

Virtual Centre Plug-in Repository


Handy site here, where you can share plug-ins for Virtual Centre 2.5; I can already see a couple of useful ones (Storage VMotion and Add Port Groups).

This could be the start of a really useful community of user-contributed plug-ins.


Thanks to Scott

Split Screen Browsing with Firefox


My home office setup has a 20″ widescreen Dell TFT which I use with my laptop an elevated docking station – my laptop has a rather low screen resolution as it’s quite small so this is a great dual monitor setup. The widescreen is handy for keeping a web browser open for referring to online documentation or and working on documents or large Visio diagrams.

The only gripe is that a lot of web pages (like the BBC) waste a lot of the widescreen real-estate as they format (or don’t re-format) for different screen resolutions.

The Split Browser Plugin for Firefox (my favourite browser) that allows you to essentially have multiple browser sessions and sub-tabs in one full-screen Window.

it has load of options – if the screen layout gets a bit confusing you can bring all the split pages back to one window with multiple tabs and vice-versa.



The (also useful) IETab plug in means some of those sub-pages can also be rendered using IE – but all within Firefox.

Firefox has such a good community of developers and I have always been able to find a plug-in that does exactly the odd-feature I “need”.