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Installed Windows Vista SP1 and Have No Sound?


There are probably a number of reasons for this, but I’ve come across a number of people recently that have installed Vista Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Web site (note: not via Windows Update) following articles on the web about its availability (like mine) and have since had problems with sound or other devices not working.

If you read this KB article you’ll note that cause 5 says if you have some particular devices you will not be offered SP1 by Windows Update as there are not yet SP1 compatible drivers.

I don’t know for certain as I don’t have any of these devices on my laptop by I would think even if you downloaded it manually the SP1 installer would warn of this; so maybe those people just chose to ignore it – none of them could remember 🙂

To be fair to Microsoft I think this is a good idea, previously there would have been no check mechanism for known incompatible drivers, this is definitely a step in the right direction to protect people from themselves 🙂

Pasted from the KB article…  some of the problematic devices are listed below;

To help ensure a positive update experience, Windows Update will temporarily not offer Windows Vista SP1 to systems that have the following device drivers. In some cases, these device drivers are problematic on Windows Vista-based computers when you update to Windows Vista SP1. By installing updated device drivers, you will resolve the issue and enable Windows Update to offer Windows Vista SP1.

Audio drivers
Realtek AC’97

•For x86-based computers: Alcxwdm.sys – version or earlier

•For x64-based computers: Alcwdm64.sys – version or earlier


•For x86-based computers: Sthda.sys – version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier

•For x64-based computers: Sthda64.sys – version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier


•For x86-based computers: Stwrt.sys – version 6.10.5511.0 or earlier

•For x64-based computers: Stwrt64.sys – version 6.10.5511.0 or earlier

Creative Audigy

•For x86-based and x64-based computers: Ctaud2k.sys – version or earlier

•For x86-based computers: P17.sys – all versions (This was originally a Windows XP-based driver.)

Conexant HD Audio

•For x86-based computers: Chdart.sys – version or earlier

•For x64-based computers: Chdart64.sys – version or earlier

Biometric (Fingerprint) Sensors

•AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor with the Atswpdrv.sys driver file – version or earlier

•UPEK Fingerprint Sensor with the Tcusb.sys driver file – version or earlier

Display drivers
Intel Display

•For x86-based computers: Igdkmd32.sys – versions between and including driver and

•For x64-based computers: Igdkmd64.sys – versions between and including driver and

Other drivers
Texas Instruments Smart Card Controller with the GTIPCI21.sys driver file – version or earlier
Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 with the Watcher.exe application – version or earlier (This application is located in the AirCard 580 Program Files folder.)
Symantec software driver for Symantec Endpoint Protection and for Symantec Network Access Control clients

•For x86-based computers: Wgx.sys – versions 11.0.1000.1091 or earlier

•For x64-based computers: Wgx64.sys – versions 11.0.1000.1091 or earlier

Vista SP1 Install Completed


Took about 1hr30 and it’s completed ok.


Installing Windows Vista SP1


About to install Windows Vista SP1 on my Dell D620 Laptop, if I don’t report back for a while it’s all gone horribly wrong!

Interesting to note it makes sure you have your laptop plugged into the mains before it will let you continue.

I downloaded it here 434Mb download, interesting to note the filename Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave0.exe be interesting to see what the wave0 bit means with later releases.

I’ve not had any real problems with SP0, but might as well put it on; few colleagues reporting better speed… but think my disk definitely needs deranging anyway so thats probably more relevant.


Wish me luck!

/CONSOLE switch Goes away in Windows 2008/Vista SP1/XPsp3 versions of MSTSC.EXE


Post here on the terminal services team blog, about why they’ve changed this switch to /ADMIN in Windows 2008/Vista SP1/XPSP3.

This is the first I’ve heard of it, not a huge issue but I can see a potential problem where the /console switch is ignored, again not huge but a bit of an annoyance just to change a bit of syntax?

if you have device CAL’s and normally use the /console switch to remotely administer a machine to my understanding that doesn’t allocate a device CAL to your admin machine (or whatever machine you are admin’ing from at the time)

What if you use this method to administer terminal servers, doesn’t this silently ignoring just eat one of your device CALs (permanatly if you do it often enough from a machine)?

The article says:

The /console switch is silently ignored. You will be connected to a session to remotely administer the server.

The /console switch is silently ignored. You will be connected to a standard Remote Desktop session that requires a Terminal Services client access license (TS CAL).

More Useful Things You Can Do With ImageX


James O’Neil has a good post here – an example of how he used ImageX to quickly build and maintain his own vista system image with his typical apps.

Also handy for reference as he shows how to split very large images across multiple CDs using the /split switch.

Windows Vista SP1 RTM


Windows team Blog post here says Vista SP1 has been released to manufacturing so not long to go now until it’s generally available.

I’ve been using Vista exclusively since it RTM’d and from Beta 2 before that. I got a new laptop with a core 2 Duo CPU and went up to 4Gb RAM from 2 and it made a world of difference – much faster and in the last year my Dell D620 has been rock solid.

The file-copy hotfix worked for me; and a recent video driver update (automatically offered via Windows Update..nice) fixed the annoying screen mix-up when I docked my laptop.

Mark Russinovitch has an in depth post on the SP1 improvements to file copying here.

Does make you wonder if MS wanted/did bring forward the SP1 date because of all the “wait for SP1” brigade… M-m-m-m, marketing!

Not looked yet but I wonder how large SP1 will be, on the Vista desktops build I did recently I had to download c.300Mb of Windows (c.98Mb) & Office 2007 Updates (c.200Mb. good think I have a fast connection – you’ve got no chance on a PSTN dial up anymore!