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Windows Vista SP1 RTM


Windows team Blog post here says Vista SP1 has been released to manufacturing so not long to go now until it’s generally available.

I’ve been using Vista exclusively since it RTM’d and from Beta 2 before that. I got a new laptop with a core 2 Duo CPU and went up to 4Gb RAM from 2 and it made a world of difference – much faster and in the last year my Dell D620 has been rock solid.

The file-copy hotfix worked for me; and a recent video driver update (automatically offered via Windows Update..nice) fixed the annoying screen mix-up when I docked my laptop.

Mark Russinovitch has an in depth post on the SP1 improvements to file copying here.

Does make you wonder if MS wanted/did bring forward the SP1 date because of all the “wait for SP1” brigade… M-m-m-m, marketing!

Not looked yet but I wonder how large SP1 will be, on the Vista desktops build I did recently I had to download c.300Mb of Windows (c.98Mb) & Office 2007 Updates (c.200Mb. good think I have a fast connection – you’ve got no chance on a PSTN dial up anymore!

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